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Welcome to RomeScape

Welcome to RomeScape AKA RS3! We are a RuneScape Private Server and welcome you to are community. Be sure to read the rules and abide by them, but most of all stay and have fun!

So what are you waiting for?


To login to RS3 servers you need the custom client which can be downloaded[HERE]

To see a guide on 'How to Get onto RomeScape' Go [HERE]

xx Rules and Regulations
April 06, 2008, 10:11:40 pm by FinishTheFight

 All Members of RS3 must conduct themselves in what is generally considered a RS3 manner and treat each other with respect. Disrespect among RS3 members is considered a serious offense by the management. Disrespect among members of RS3 will be dealt with. RS3 members are also expected to treat guests with respect as well and are expected to follow our rules and guidelines of RS3 in representation of RS3 to that guest.

RS3 members with Game Admin/Mod Privileges are to follow the general rule of giving rule-breakers 3 warnings before kicking or banning them. Three warnings are expected unless the rule violator acknowledges they are breaking the rule and continue such behavior. Game Admins/Mods are expected to kick first except in situations of severe infraction.
RS3 Members with Administraor/Moderator privileges on the forums are to never delete any topics, instead the topic must be moved to the "trash" board. When a topic is moved other than it being old, the member that moved it MUST send a pm on the forum to the user that created the topic and let them know why the topic was removed from normal view, this is NOT optional. RS3 Forum moderators may edit swear words out of a users post only if the language filter did not catch it, the word used and its exact spelling must be reported to Management so that it may be filtered automatically in the future.


The following are NOT allowed on our servers
1. All mainstream vulgar swear words in any languages are NOT allowed.
2. Impersonating a RS3 Member or Badmouthing RS3 or RS3 members is NOT allowed.
3.  Anything regarding Sex, Race, or Religion is not tolerated. This includes your alias or tags you wear in the server. Inappropriate names and remarks will result in warnings. You will be warned up to 3 times before being kicked from the server for most infractions. If you come back in the server and continue such behavior you will be banned from RS3 servers.
4.  Spamming is NOT allowed - Typing a lot of garbage on the screen to the point that it's annoying for those in the server to have so much text on the screen.
5. Do not mass click on anything what so ever. You will be warned, kicked, then BANNED!
6. Do not null the server! We take this very seriously and you will be BANNED!
7. Cheat Clients, hacks, cracks or anything that can edit your character, items, or server is FORBIDDEN if caught you will be BANNED!
8. Please do not ask for mod or admin. You have to work your way up. Be active on RomeScape as well as helpful. We will contact you if we need you and think your are fit for the position.

1. No TeamSpeak Hacks or anything that can edit your user or the server. This is taking very seriously and you can and will be BANNED! if caught.
2. Users are all expected to follow our general rules in all channels EXCEPT the no rules server channels excluding hacks, push-to-talk, and listening to admins.
3. All users on TeamSpeak are expected to use push-to-talk in every channel all the time, NO EXCEPTIONS.

1. All content posted is expected to be appropriate for all age members on the forums and fall within our general rules regarding sex, race, and religion; users are also reminded that posting personal information on the open Internet is usually a bad idea.
2. Any and all attempts to bypass the forums language or spam filters will be dealt with harshly.
3. No linking to or discussion of any illegal activity (This includes hacked or cracked software, phreaking, etc...)
4. No spamming the forums or going off topic, this means you must only make a reply if it is related to the topic. Please put topics in the right boards and whatever the topic is about must be the Subject of the topic.
5. Please do not post these rules and correct people or tell people what they need to do, this needs to be left to the Mods and Admins.
6. Always use the search tool before making a topic. It might have already been asked or made.[/b]

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February 27, 2024, 11:19:47 pm

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